Ammunition depot blast kills 30 rebels in Syria

Damascus, April 6: More than 30 rebels including field commanders were killed Sunday in a huge explosion in the country’s central province of Homs.

Homs-based activists said the huge explosion at the Jouret al- Shayah area in the old quarter of Homs was caused by a government troops’ Grad missile that slammed into a reserve ammunition depot, which was prepared by the rebels in a bid to unleash an offensive against the government troops to break the year-long siege on rebel-held areas inside the old city of Homs, Xinhua reported.

Other activists, however, said the blast was caused by a booby-trapped car that tore through the depot.

Meanwhile, the pro-government al-Khabar news website said the blast was caused by the government troops’ artillery shelling on the ammunition depot, which killed more than 30 rebels, including Abdul-Qader Juma, the head of the military council of the rebels Free Syrian Army and Eyad Zugaib and another field commander.

There was no official statement yet.