Angry Birds maker ‘Rovio’ reveals full year financial results

Washington, Apr 29: Angry Bird’s maker, Rovio Entertainment has declared its financial results for the full year. After a steady growth, the figures have reached a flat surface compared to 2012.

Rovio CFO Herkko Soininen said that 2013 was foundation-building year as the organization has been investing in new ventures, such as animation and video distribution and consolidating their market position in consumer products licensing.

The revenue generated for 2013 was 216 million dollars compared to 200 dollars the previous year. The net profit taxes were 35 million dollars compared to 73.5 million dollars during the same time.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company has also been expanding their business connected to the Angry Birds franchise.

Their investments have included venturing into the Angry Birds television series, development of a new Angry Birds feature film and also broadening its line of product merchandise.

Rovio, has however, attributed Gaming as one of the core part of their business with paid games and advertisements contributing to the major generation of revenue for the company. (ANI)