Archers take part in traditional archery meet in Shillong

Shillong, Apr.12: In order to revive traditional sports, archers from the Khasi region recently came together at the polo ground in Shillong to participate in an archery competition organized by the Apphira Archery Committee.

The organizers said their aim was to promote, preserve and popularise traditional sports.

As many as 108 teams from the Khasi and Jaintia Hills, besides 26 young boys competed against each other during the competition.

From the 26 lots, Rishanlang Riahtam emerged victorious followed by Kleningstar Lanong. Both are from Laitryngew in the East Khasi Hills.

According to the Shillong Times, with modernisation, archery has developed not only into a sporting activity, but also as a rendezvous for archers from different Khasi Hima (states). However, the lack of attention given to this traditional sport is stopping it from truely thriving, a feeling expressed by archers from the different Hima. (ANI)