US authorises $17 mn to groups helping homeless

San Juan, April 9 (IANS/EFE) The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has allocated $17 million to organisations that provide shelter to homeless people in Puerto Rico, the island’s non-voting representative in Congress said here Tuesday.

Pedro Pierluisi said thanks to HUD’s Continuum Care program these non-profits, just like government agencies on the municipal and state levels, will be able to quickly relocate individuals and families who have become homeless.

“These funds have as their aim putting an end to the lack of housing” in Puerto Rico, he said.

Pierluisi said that organisations receiving the funds serve thousands of homeless Puerto Ricans and that their economic impact is very important for the island.

“There’s no doubt that institutions like these improve the quality of life of our people,” Pierluisi emphasised.

Municipalities and non-profit organisations that will receive the funds are located in the cities of Aguas Buenas, Carolina, Cidra, Cayey, Hormigueros, Naguabo, Naranjito, San German, San Juan and Vega Baja.