Autorickshaw driver Lali regrets assaulting Kejriwal

New Delhi, Apr.9: Autorickshaw driver Lali, who slapped the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday expressed his regret for the incident, and felt extremely ashamed for attacking the latter whom he termed as a messiah of the poor.

“He came here to meet me for the first time, he is like a god to me. Such attacks against the former chief minister of Delhi should not have had happened. I accept that it was a mistake which I have committed and I am ashamed about that hence, I offer my sincere apologies to the AAP chief,” Lali said.

“I will completely stand behind the AAP and they will win the elections handsomely. Kejriwal is our hero number one, he has not only reduced CNG prices for me, but also helped freeing my vehicle without any issuance of challans. I was saddened by the Congress, Kejriwal is a lord for me and he is a messiah for the poor. All the other parties are hand in glove with each other,” Lali added.

The autorickshaw driver also stated that no one gave him any cash to attack Kejriwal.

On Tuesday, Lali, who had slapped the AAP chief, had said Kejriwal had fooled the people and betrayed the auto-drivers. Lali was thrashed by AAP supporters and had to be admitted to a hospital. He was later placed in police custody. (ANI)