Azam Khan, stick to his statement, gives explanation

Rampur, Apr.12: Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan on Saturday remained firm in his stand that he did not comment anything intended to hurt anyone.

“I have only said that whatever insult has been inflicted by the fascist forces, one must use ballot to teach them a lesson, there are people who use blood to take revenge and they call themselves patriots. It is through ballot that can save the nation. What wrong have I said. I have not said anything to hurt anyone,” Khan said.

He also thundered, “Where were those same people who are now objecting my statement. when someone had tagged the entire Muslim community as ‘puppy’.”

“Our effort is to see that our democracy remains alive. Those forces who want to remove Muslims from the mainstream feel the shocker. For the last sixty years we are being called agents of Pakistan. I didn’t try to incite anyone. I just used the pages of history to narrate our pain. I have used my entire political life in sincerity, truth and hard work. Muslims had stayed back in India as Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) had promised them that there will be a constitution which will be for all including the Muslims. Even those Muslims who stayed back they have been insulted and the pain is not hidden from anyone,” he added.

Election Commission ( EC) of India has banned Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan from addressing any public rallies after they made “highly inflammatory speeches” during election campaigns.

Azam Khan stirred a controversy earlier this week when he said that Muslim soldiers solely won Kargil war and not Hindu soldiers.

His remark was seen as an attempt to polarise the voters a day before Uttar Pradesh was getting ready for elections. (ANI)