Baba Ramdev claims he will ensure win for Kejriwal, if he contests against Sonia

Chitradurga (Karnataka), Apr.12: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday gave an open offer to Kejriwal stating that if he contests against Congress President Sonia Gandhi from Rae Bareli then he will ensure his historic win from there.

“I give an offer to Kejriwal from Chitradurga, that if Kejriwal contests against Sonia Gandhi from Rae Bareli then we will ensure that Kejriwal gets a landslide victory,” Baba Ramdev said.

He also asked Kejriwal to stop suffering from Modi phobia and concentrate on real culprits like Kanimozhi and Kalmadi who were involved in corruption.

“It is not an Aam Aadmi Party, and satirically termed that it is actually a ‘Arajak Aadmi Party’. It is not corruption on which he wants to fight for. His only target is Narendra Modi and not corruption. He said that corruption is a bigger issue than corruption, and he has stopped uttering a word against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. He never says anything against Kalmadi or Kanimozhi, it is just a Modi-phobia which has completely caste a shadow on him,” Baba Ramdev added. (ANI)