Bangalore rock band pays tribute to Pink Floyd’s progressive and psychedelic music

Imphal (Manipur), Apr. 28: Music lovers cheered, as a Bangalore-based rock band paid tribute to English rock band Pink Floyd for their progressive and psychedelic music at a concert in Manipur’s capital Imphal over the weekend.

Enthusiasts thronged the rock music show on Sunday in a bid to promote peace, harmony and tranquillity in the state.

Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows, Pink Floyd were one of the most commercially successful and musically influential groups in the history of popular music.

Using music as a tool to develop a positive mindset among the people, this festival of music has been a platform for artistes-ranging from the young and budding artistes to professional bands.

A three-member alternative rock band based in Bangalore, Grief Card performed during the show while another rock band, Think Floyd, which was conceived in 2006, paid a musical tribute to Pink Floyd.

“We hope that the kids of Manipur and the adults of Manipur are gonna have a good time listening to the music we are gonna play tonight, which is a tribute to Pink Floyd. It is a special tribute that we produced simply for Pink Floyd fans all over the world and it is the first time we are bringing this to Manipur and Imphal. We hope people enjoy it,” said a musician of ‘Think Floyd’ from Delhi, Chetan.

Performers like Tarzan and the Perverts, a high school trio band comprising members like Silheiba (lead vocals and guitar), Ronald S (drums) and Sanathoi RK (bass guitar and backing vocals) swayed the crowds.

The artists delivered enchanting forms of music, ranging from melodies from covers to originals.

“This is the first time we are playing in Manipur, and we are very excited to play. So, we have not played yet so we don’t really know yet what is the impact but I feel that the at the rock concerts it gives a good impact to the teenagers, they liven up the energies,” said member of Grief Card Band, Pramesh.

The concert was organized by Nokia Yaoshang Rock.

Founded in 1965, Pink Floyd first gained popularity performing in London’s underground music scene during the late 1960s, and under Barrett’s creative leadership they released two charting singles and a successful debut album. (ANI)