Bikram Majithia claims Captain Amarinder’s ‘violent idiom’ has backfired

Amritsar, Apr. 19: Punjab’s Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majitha on Saturday, said that Captain Amarinder Singh had “run out of steam” even before the campaign enters the last phase. “Suddenly, the guns of the man who threatened to replace ballots with bullets have begun tosound like a damp squib.” Majithia said.

“In the past, with each passing day, Amarinder had been showing signs of greater and greater political desperation . But history had already revealed him to be a mere bully, and we all know that every bully is a coward at heart. Amarinder is no exception. When challenged by Sukhbir Singh, he simply fled the country . We saw it in 2007 and then again 2012. And we will see it again as soon as these elections are over. Every time Sukhbir Badal challenged him, he simply ran away from the field ,” said Majithia.

The Akali leader said that this time too Amarinder, was frustrated over his failure to get public support and he might step up these things even further in desperation.

“The Congress leader never draws any lessons and keeps trying the same old tricks. But no one even takes notice of his presence now and everyone merely enjoys the sight of a caged and toothless circus tiger, an object of amusement even for children, while he believes as if the audience was frightened of him,” Majithia remarked.

In a statement from the party office here, the Akali leader said “Amarinder looked a man suffering from extreme mental and physical fatigue..” He added:”"The main reason why Captain Singh’s campaign had begun to look tired, toothless and lacking purpose and motivation was that he had Initially relied too heavily on his false bravado and on the use of violent idiom, but that had now begun to backfire. He is merely a very short-distance runner and lacks stamina for a full-length election marathon..”

Majithia said that “the other reason why Captain Amarinder Singh was already looking “stale” could be the realisation that his boasts and bluster were not getting the response which he had expected from the people.” ” His attempts to brow beat and intimidate the brave people of the Majha belt have also backfired and he has become an object only of ridicule, looking increasingly like a caged circus tiger roaring only to hide his helplessness.”

Majithia recalled that “Captain Singh had begun his campaign by marching on Guru ki Nagri Amritsar like an aggressor, “carrying lathis , brandishing swords and spitting fire and venom against everyone. He resorted to threats of use of ‘Khoonda and daang’, forgetting that in democracy, wars are won through reason, logic, debate and dialogue, and not through muscle-power.”

Majithia said that the Captain Amarinder’s camp seemed to have realised that they committed a blunder on the first day itself by marching on the Guru Ki Nagri brandishing swords and wielding lathis.

“This is a place where people come with humility in their hearts and prayers on their lips. The sin Captain Amarinder Singh and his team committed on the first day is beginning to catch up with him now,” Majithia said. (ANI)