Five bodies found in Mexico

Mexico City, April 3 (IANS/EFE) At least five bodies in an advanced state of decomposition were found in a clandestine grave in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, officials said.

Residents called police after they found some partially buried clothing in the area.

The bodies were discovered Monday and Tuesday in an area near San Jose, a town outside the city of Ahome, Sinaloa Deputy Attorney General Evaristo Castro Borbolla said.

Two sets of human remains were found Monday afternoon and the other three bodies were discovered Tuesday, Castro Borbolla said.

Investigators are continuing to dig at the site and suspect that more bodies may have been buried there, the deputy AG said.

Tests indicate that the bodies were buried about six months ago and investigators have not been able to identify them due to the advanced state of decomposition, Castro Borbolla said.

Isidro Meza Flores, the leader of the Meza Flores drug cartel, operates in the area where the bodies were found.

Hundreds of families in the area have reported the disappearances or kidnappings of relatives, leading officials to conclude that many bodies may be buried in the region.