Body language expert believes Man U interim boss Giggs set to crack under pressure

London, Apr. 28: An expert is reportedly of the opinion that the new Manchester United manager Ryan Giggs is set to crack under the pressure of taking charge of the club as the footballer is racked with ‘anxiety and concern’.

Body language expert Dr. Peter Collett believes that even though Giggs has looked calm on the surface since taking charge of United, the Welshman could cave in to pressure at any time.

Collett said that Giggs joking around at his first press conference as manager hid the footballer’s inner turmoil, reported.

The former Oxford University psychologist said that Giggs’ public display contained ‘leakage’, which are body movements that show he is anxious about replacing sacked David Moyes, adding that these involuntary movements were that of a man who has had greatness thrust upon him.

Collett said that there are moments when Giggs takes a very deep breath, almost as though he feels the weight of responsibility weighing on him.

The body language expert also said that there are give-away signs of concern as Giggs bit his lower lip twice, which is a gesture of self-restraint, to make sure that he does not say something that he should not, adding that one should see his eyes moving around to look for what the next move is going to be and where the threats are coming from.

However, the doctor said that the one thing that sticks out is Giggs’ lip-licking, as he licked his lips something like 15 times in the interview, which Collett feels is because the footballers mouth got dry due to anxiousness. (ANI)