Brit police called in to probe drugs scandal in ‘major’ England football club

London, Apr 20: The Scotland Yard has reportedly been called in to investigate a major football club in England that has been rocked by a drugs scandal.

The allegations go to the top of the club and involve at least one high-profile figure with a considerable reputation within the sport.

According to The Guardian, the police were called in to investigate after senior members of staff started suspecting that some of their colleagues were regularly using class-A drugs inside the club’s stadium, while on one occasion, two prominent officials were allegedly caught snorting cocaine in the boardroom of a rival club during an away fixture.

The report mentioned that officials of the league in question have been made aware and are treating it as a first within the sport with a club member noticing the residue of a white powder on the clothing of a colleague at a home match.

The club cannot be named for legal reasons but a high-ranking source has confirmed that internal inquiries began ‘following allegations that hard drugs were being consumed by certain people on the premises’, adding that the police have been informed. (ANI)