British PM slams England World Cup kit as ‘too expensive’

London, Apr. 06: The British Prime Minister David Cameron has reportedly slammed England’s new World Cup kit as ‘too expensive’ and called on sportswear giant Nike to rethink its pricing policy.

The shirts, which have been priced at 90 pound-a-piece, come with the Three Lions crest but many fans are reportedly starting to feel that a Three Fat Cats emblem would be a more apt logo for the shirts.

According to the Daily Express, Puma and Adidas, which make up the ‘big three’ with Nike to supply kit to most of the World Cup teams, have also marked their goods with hefty price tags.

Puma’s shirt for Italy is reportedly the most expensive of the bunch, priced at 120 pound-a-piece, while Adidas’ Spain shirt is priced at 90 pound-a-piece and its Argentina and Germany shirts are priced at 80 pound-a-piece.

Nike has reportedly priced its Holland, Brazil and Portugal shirts at 90 pound-a-piece and its ‘limited edition’ England shirt, which accounts for only one percent of Nike’s stock, has been put on offer for 60 pound-a-piece for most new shirts.

Nike has launched the second strip in 18 months and is paying the Football Association 25 million-pounds a year until 2018 for the rights to the national team’s new kit, the report added. (ANI)