Bryan Singer denies being in Hawaii during ‘sex acts’

Washington, April 20: Bryan Singer’s lawyer has claimed the director wasn’t in Hawaii during the alleged sex acts on former child model Michael Egan III.

The lawyer said that receipts and telephone records prove that Singer was busy working on “X-Men” during the alleged dates, the Hollywood Reporter.

The defence lawyer claimed that the director was mainly in Toronto working on the first X-Men movie from August through Oct er 1999.

However, the accuser’s lawyer has claimed that he has witnesses, who will disprove the claims regarding the credit card receipts and other documents that show Singer wasn’t in Hawaii.

The attorney added that they have spoken to several witnesses who will place the 48-year-old director in Hawaii at the parties during that time.

The lawsuit claims that the ‘Valkyrie’ director molested a young teenager, who is now 30, after luring him to a mansion in Encino to attend a raunchy Hollywood party which had a reputation for featuring “sexual contact between adult males and the many teenage boys who were present for the parties”. (ANI)