‘Buzzwords’ that need to be deleted from your resume ASAP revealed

London, April 6: If your resume consists of cliched words or so-called buzzwords, like ‘team player’, ‘reliable’, ‘hard-working’, ‘fun-loving’ and ‘enthusiastic’, then you might want to rethink your choices.

Career coach John Lees, who authored ‘How To Get A Job You’ll Love’ said that there probably was a time when saying you were a team player was a new and fresh thing to say, Metro.co.uk reported.

Lees explained that team player doesn’t actually mean anything and yet it’s in most people’s CVs because everyone says it, therefore it has no currency.

Lees insisted that people should write what they have done instead of who they are, which means they should ‘show, not tell’.

Rather than saying you are a team player, give an example of where you’ve worked in a team and what your contribution was, he asserted.

If you write a CV which is actually about outcomes and results, you tend to naturally skip away from the cliched stuff, he added. (ANI)