Candy maker releases breast milk flavoured lollipops

Washington, April 25: A Texas-based candy company has added breast milk flavoured lollipops to their extensive list of oddly-flavoured sweets, including lavender, blue cheese, sriracha, wasabi and ginger.

Jason Darling partnered up with his girlfriend in 2007 to start a novelty sticky pop company, called ‘Lollyphile’, when he realized that his homemade, absinthe-flavored lollipops were a hit in parties, the Huffington Post reported.

While explaining the origin of the pop that tastes like breast milk, Darling said that his girlfriend and he had three friends who had babies at the same time and the duo wondered how breast milk would taste like.

So when they tasted breast milk and realized that it tasted really good, they started working on getting the flavor right, he added. (ANI)