Capt. Amarinder writes open letter to Modi

Amritsar, Apr.24: Former Punjab Chief Minister and Congress candidate from Amritsar, Captain Amarinder Singh today questioned Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi whether he is coming to Amritsar to give his stamp of approval to Bikram Singh Majithia’s criminal politics.

Captain Amarinder also reminded Modi of the promise he had made to people of Punjab about Punjabi farmers of Gujarat that they won’t be forced to leave Gujarat but has not done anything about it so far.

In an open letter to Modi, Capt Amarinder said, “I have learnt that you are coming to the holy city of Amritsar tomorrow. At the onset let me remind you of your promise about the Punjabi farmers in Gujarat, you made at Jagaraon, during your first rally in Punjab on February 23, wherein you had publicly committed, albeit vaguely, that nobody will be forced out of Gujarat. Everybody in Punjab assumed that your government will withdraw the appeal against the Gujarat High Court verdict that goes in their favour. Till now, your government has not done anything, not taken any initiative which could reveal your sincerity in meeting that commitment. This is also very important for your credibility since you are dreaming too big”.

Questioning his stand on Majithia, he said, “Now coming to the serious issues of criminalisation of politics in Punjab by the Akalis, particularly the Punjab Revenue Minister, Bikram Singh Majithia, who happens to be the brother in law of the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, I just wanted to know from you whether you are coming here to give your stamp of approval to Bikram Majithia’s goonda raj and all that he is notorious and stands for, particularly criminalising politics in Punjab, particularly in Amritsar. He is running a mafia, armtwisting and hoodwinking people and using his police against his political opponents”.

He alleged Bikram Majithia is the most notorious character across Amritsar who has been patronising drug trafficking and criminals.

“He has already been named in the multi-crore international drug racket and is likely to face prosecution soon. Let me remind you that it is the same Majithia whose henchman Ranjit Rana, a leader of the Youth Akali Dal, the criminal brigade of Bikram Majithia, shot dead an Assistant Sub Inspector of Police in broad day light at a public place as the police officer tried to stop him from harassing his daughter,” he added.

“Let me also remind you that close to the venue of your rally is a place called Maqboolpura which is tragically called the village of widows as ninety per cent youth have died there after consuming drugs patronised and supplied by Majithia brigade”, he said while referring to the drug addiction prevailing here.

Alleging that Majithia was hated and feared, he wrote, “I would also suggest to you to talk to the very same people who may have come to attend your rally about their impression of Bikram Majithia, who provokes fear and scorn at the same time and it is the same Majithia who is the campaign incharge of your party candidate Arun Jaitley. And with him and his other henchman Anil Joshi on Jaitley’s side he does not need more enemies. Recently your candidate Arun Jaitley shared dais with a notorious criminal Pappu Jayantipura who has been charged with various offences including attempt to murder. Just wanted to know are you coming to give your stamp of approval to all this”.

“Is this the impression you and your party is going to give to the people of this holy city that you and your candidate Arun Jaitely is going to use all the methods fair and foul just to win the elections, even criminalising politics? What happened to your much hyped claims of fear-free administration?” he asked.

Referring to Badals, he added, “Let me also brief you about your alliance partners in Punjab. Parkash Singh Badal, who is a congenital liar and must have lied to you nobody knows how many times, that he belonged to a humble farmer’s family with just 80 acres of land; now his properties are worth billions of rupees”.

They own at least two five star hotels in Delhi worth rupees thousand crores each, some private airliners, thousands of hectares of land across Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, United States, Canada and several other western countries, he alleged, adding, “It would be better to ask them the secret of their success as they have actually flourished far faster than your vibrant Gujarat”

And while Badals’ wealth is multiplying by billions, Punjab’s debt is multiplying in the same proportion. It is so strange that while the Badals are getting richer and richer, Punjab is getting poorer and poorer with the state’s debt crossing Rs one lakh crores and if other debts are taken into account, it must be more than Rs two lakh crores, he said.

“While nobody knows the real secret of their humungous wealth, there is a general idea that they have grabbed each and everything in Punjab which they think can make them richer. For example they have grabbed all the sand mining operations, the entire road transport, the liquor business, the cable distribution, just to name a few. They do not spare even a small food joint if they learn that it is doing a good business and can make them good money”, he alleged.

Given the fact that they are your friends, I am sure you won’t be aware about all this since friends don’t like to ask questions, but I thought I should better update you with a brief background of your allies in Punjab and the impression people carry about them and also wanted to know whether you have come here to give your stamp of approval to all this, he remarked. By Ravinder Singh Robin