Captain biggest liar, twists history to his convenience: Majithia

Amritsar, Apr.17: Punjab Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia on Thursday renewed his offensive against former Chief Minister and Congress candidate for Amritsar Lok Sabha Seat Captain Amarinder Singh calling him ‘biggest lair’ who twists history to suit his convenience.

He took the jibe on Captain’s public disclosure of justifying his aggressive style and how he saved 55 villages including Kandu Khera from being merged with Haryana.

“Captain is worst student of history. The villages were saved due to the sacrifices and fight by the Akali workers and leaders. If you (Captain) are so aggressive why could not you bring back Chandigarh to Punjab? You are expert in making mountain out of a molehill. What about the sacrifices of the common people and the Akalis to save Punjab?” he asked.

Majithia who had been campaigning aggressively for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Arun Jaitley in the area said whole world knows and it is recorded in the history that 55 villages in the Malwa Belt along Haryana-Punjab state borders were saved due to the Punjabis’ long struggle and sacrifices made by the Akalis, which prevented the villages from going away from Punjab.

He said the Akalis held Morchas including Dharam Yudh Morcha, Kapoori Morcha to save the interests of Punjab and Captain Amarinder Singh was spreading lies and twisting history.

While addressing rallies and election meetings at villages Jijjeani, Hamza, Athwal, Burj-Nau-Abad and Tarpai, Majithia said be it the status for Punjabi, Punjab speaking areas or watching the interests of Punjab, Akalis had been at the forefront.

“The interests of the state were not saved by rhetoric as Captain Amarinder Singh is habitual of doing but by the struggle on the ground. When Maharaja was enjoying the evenings at his Moti Mahal and Dochi farm house, Akalis were holding fast-unto-deaths and sitting on the roads in summer and winters to save the interests of Punjab”, said Majithia. By Ravinder Singh Robin (ANI)