China’s Mayor calls for stronger commercial ties with India

Kolkata, Apr. 23: China’s Mayor of Kunming city, Li Wenrong, on Wednesday, called for greater cooperation in the field of commerce and tourism between West Bengal and China’s south western Yunnan province.

Speaking at a symposium organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Li observed that greater cooperation in field of trade and tourism between Yunnan, Kunming city and West Bengal could be achieved.

“I also feel that in many aspects, for example the commerce and trade and also a cultural, tourist aspect, India and China can implement each other very well and we have a great potential of cooperation in this field,” said Li.

Li also invited ICC members and entrepreneurs from India to attend the South Asia Expo which is scheduled to be held in Kunming from June 6 to June 10. He added that the expo was aimed at enhancing commercial and entrepreneurial ties with various countries.

Li expressed hope that India and China would strengthen commercial ties in future.

“I sincerely wish that as indicated in today’s symposium, we can have a better understanding of each other and we can gain mutual trust and we can build a platform to provide opportunities for future’s substantial commercial exchange,” Li added.

In the past, India and China signed an agreement for sister city relationship between Kolkata and Kunming . The agreement was signed by former Ambassador of India to China Dr. S. Jaishankar and Li Wenrong, Mayor of Kunming. (ANI)