Chinese legislator detained for suspected sex business

Beijing, April 15: Liang Yaohui, a deputy to the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s top legislature, was detained Monday for suspected crime of organising prostitution, the Dongguan police announced via its official microblog.

The announcement was made following a decision to remove Liang from his position of NPC deputy Monday, Xinhua reported.

The decision, passed by the eighth session of the Standing Committee of the 12th Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress, will be submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for filing and announcement.

Liang has been stripped of the title of deputy to the 12th NPC “for suspected serious violation of laws”, the decision said.

Prostitution is illegal in China and is under tight suppression by authorities. However, it has been a booming industry in many cities.

Liang is the owner of a five-star hotel in south China’s Dongguan city, which was involved in sex trade during a previous national crackdown on prostitution.

In February, Liang’s hotel, the Crown Prince Hotel, was exposed to be involved in underground sex trade together with other hotels and entertainment venues in Dongguan.

In March, Liang asked to be absent from the annual session of the NPC in Beijing.