Congress believes in developing all sections of the society unlike BJP, says Rahul Gandhi

Karauli (Rajasthan), Apr. 20: Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, on Sunday said that the Congress party works for all sections of the society and that all bears the fruit of development unlike the BJP which only wants few industrialists to prosper.

“It is a battle between two ideologies. On the one side you have the Congress and then you have the opposition. We say that when the nation progresses then everybody should enjoy the fruits of it, whether it is the labourers, poor, or from different religious background. While they only bat for India Shinning which only benefits a few handful of industrialists. They want two Indias, one for the poor and the other for 4-5 rich industrialists. They want that poor do not get education and they believe in creating infighting between two communities,” Rahul Gandhi said at a rally in Karauli.

Rahul Gandhi added that the word ‘right’ was added in all the programmes initiated by the Congress .

“If you see all our programmes then these all are directed for the poor whether it is MGNREGA, Food Security Act, Right to Education. We have added the word right as the poor needs right and guarantee, the rich doesn’t need such a thing.,” Gandhi added.

He trashed the claims made by the BJP that the latter had constructed more roads and generated electricity, “BJP says that they construct more roads and produce more electricity. The truth is that we have build three times more roads than what the BJP has done. It is we who make more work on generating electricity, building roads or supplying more water on one hand and on the other we give rights to the people as we believe in brotherhood.”

The Congress vice-president said that the leaders of the Congress party never resort to using any virulent attacks while addressing rallies unlike the BJP, ” Congress leaders never abuse in their rallies, our only aim is to reach out to you. When we introduced these rights they say that it is a waste of money. The BJP had opposed in the well of the house of Parliament that waiving 70000 crores of loan for the farmers which we did.”

Rahul Gandhi also highlighted the fact that in their 2014 election manifesto new rights have been mentioned which will be implemented if the Congress comes to power for the third time.

“In 2014 also we came to seek advice from you to make our manifesto. We asked the people and they sought free medicine as the richer people gets a red- carpet when they go to a hospital for operation. What we had started in Rajasthan will be replicated in the rest of the country. Now the new government in the state of Rajasthan has stopped because they just want few industrial houses to benefit. The second thing that you asked from us was a permanent roof to withstand the rain. We have ensured in our manifesto that guarantees every man to get a roof,” Gandhi added. (ANI)