Congress confused about their agenda in elections: Modi

Bathinda, (Punjab), Apr. 25: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Friday said that the Congress is confused about its basic agenda for fighting elections and has therefore resorted to criticizing Modi or the Gujarat model.

“The country needs a strong government who has to the quality of making good and productive decisions. We are fighting these elections for development and good governance, but the Congress is not able to understand on what issue they are contesting the elections,” said Modi, while addressing a rally in Bathinda.

“Then in the middle they started talking about MNREGA and RTI but when they found that this idea was not selling, they went back to following the same mantra that is either of criticizing the Gujarat model or Modi,” he said.

He said that in the 21st century where the whole world was progressing, it seemed that India has taken a few steps back in context of development.

“People say that the 21st century belongs to India. If we want to make India progress we have to make places like Ludhiana progress. I want Ludhiana to become a pride of the country,” Modi said, while addressing a rally in Ludhiana.

“I want the products of India to be sold all over the world. People should buy it as soon as they hear that it is made in India in which places like Ludhiana can play a major role,” he said.

“These elections are going to decide the fate of the country. It is not only a matter of a party coming to power. The whole world is progressing, but it seems that India is taking a step back,” he added.

He further said that the Congress had betrayed the people by making false promises.

“In 2009, the Congress had promised to provide employment to ten crore youths, but that never happened. They have betrayed the people. Now will you accept them or reject them?” asked Modi.

“During Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s government was there for six years and in those six years he provided employment to 6.5 crore of the youth and the Congress has provided the same to just 1.5 crore people,” he said.

“I have stayed in Ludhiana for a long time and used to keep hearing that one day there will be a good hospital constructed here but that never happened. Punjab has to decide where their fate lies. I want to serve Punjab as I have received a lot of love from this state and now I want to give back the love they had given me,” he added. (ANI)