Congress should investigate whether I have spent 10K crores on my campaign: Modi(ANI Exclusive Interview with Narendra Modi)

Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Apr.16: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said Wednesday that there was no truth to Congress Party allegations that he had spent Rs.10000 crores on his campaign during the elections.

“They talk about the figures, which they dream about while sleeping. I have requested (Commerce Minister) Anand Sharma, who has made these allegations, to conduct an inquiry into these allegations, as the present government still has 25 days. Is it not there duty to unearth the truth. Therefore, it is my appeal, and all those who have levelled charges against me, should investigate them,” Modi said in exclusive interview to Smita Prakash, Editor (News) Asian News International (ANI), held here.

“The Election Commission has appointed observers for electoral expenses in every constituency. It is scrutinizing everything. Still, I ask the Congress leaders to submit all their evidences with the ECI, and there should be an strict investigation into this,” he said further.

“Secondly, shouldn’t there be a good campaign in the country? I am surprised. I have the power to visit 500-600 zilas of the country, and it is deemed a crime? You should also go. In a democracy, you have a responsibility. It is a different thing that they don’t go,” Modi said.

When pointedly asked that their (Congress’) allegation pertained to a suggestion that “advertisement is good, but there is doubt about the product”, the BJP prime ministerial candidate said: “By marketing, they mean Gujarat. Marketing is considered an important aspect in all over the world. But, if I say that I have made a good road here and advertise it nicely, will it be visible to the people? They don’t know about marketing. I say that I given water to people. It won’t reach through marketing. They will only believe after they get it.” (ANI) By Smita Prakash