Congress wants toffee while we want trophy for development work: Modi

Bhagalpur (Bihar), Apr.15: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the BJP aims to secure trophy daily for country’s development while the Congress is only interested in ‘toffees’.

“For them a toffee is important but for us in the race for development, securing a trophy daily is important. This is our aim. They want a toffee but we want a trophy for the country’s development work,” he said.

Modi said the Congress party brought such a leader (Rahul) in the ground whose childish mind is lost in his childhood things.

“He (Rahul) was playing with a balloon for the last 15 days. And now, for the past two days he is roaming with a toffee. His childish mind is not able to come out of balloon and toffee,” Modi said while countering the Rahul’s claim that Gujarat model is a ‘toffee’ model.

On the statement made by Dr Manmohan Singh’s daughter Upinder Singh, criticising Sanjay Baru for betraying the Prime Minister, Modi said, “Her complaint is not about the contents of the book. She is complaining why did he (Baru) reveal these things in his book.”

“Even the prime minister’s family has acknowledged that nothing has been done in the last ten years. All these years the mother-son duo has been ruling and has destroyed this nation,” he added.

He called for a debate in the Lok Sabha on major issues like corruption, farmers suicide, black money, price rise etc. (ANI)