US court’s ruling to sell property ‘illegal’: Tehran

Tehran, April 20: Tehran Saturday termed “illegal” a US court’s ruling to sell the property belonging to Alavi Foundation, a non-profit organisation, in the New York City.

The Iranian foreign ministry said the ruling about the property lacked legitimacy and credibility.

The allegations of funding terrorism are “baseless and politically- motivated” whereas Iran has itself been a victim of the terrorism, Xinhua quoted the ministry’s spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham as saying.

A New York City court has made a ruling to authorise the confiscation of property of Alavi Foundation, the report said, adding that the US prosecutors had raised money laundering charges against the foundation, arguing that it is linked to Iran.

The confiscation of the Alavi “charitable organisation” by the US court constitutes a blatant violation of freedom of religion, she added.