Won’t let criminalisation of politics continue: Modi

Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh), Apr. 21: Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, on Monday, promised that if he comes to power, he will punish leaders who were tainted and try them in court.

“I am not concerned about whether I lose or win from U.P, but I have made it a point, that the moment the results come after May 16, and when the new government is formed, I will make a committee to act against those who have committed crimes, and ask the Supreme Court to file cases against them, and to ensure that those who have committed heinous crimes be sent behind bars,” said Modi.

“We must clean the parliament. Once these leaders go to jail and fresh by polls happen, then no one with a tainted image will dare to contest. I have come here to clean this dirt. Do you think that those who resort to taking the help of criminals will ever clean this system?,” Modi said.

Modi had earlier suggested that if he comes to power at the centre he would ask the Supreme Court to develop a mechanism to fast-track pending cases against elected members of parliament. He wanted that same system to encompass legislative assemblies, municipal corporations and panchayats. (ANI)