Cultural event motivates young Delhi-based northeast voters to vote

New Delhi, Apr.12: To motivate a large number of northeastern people living in New Delhi to cast their votes during the elections, the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER) in collaboration with the district election officer hosted a cultural program at the Nehru Park in the capital.

The North-East cultural programme-cum-voter awareness programme was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Park in Delhi.

The programme was part of the Election Commission’s “Let’s Celebrate a Vibrant Democracy” campaign to spread awareness among northeastern people to cast their votes in Lok Sabha elections.

Vijay Dev, Delhi Chief Election Officer, Delhi Police Joint Commissioner Robin Hibu, Ankur Garg, the nodal officer of the Delhi Election Commission, and District Magistrate Abyankar of New Delhi were present at the event.

During the event, Manipuri students performed Lai Haraoba, Pung Cholom, stick dance and enthralled the audience with some other acts.

Artists from the northeast also performed a Naga Sumi war dance, the Paite traditional dance, the Bihu dance from Assam and a colorful Mizo Bamboo dance.

“Our main objective is to promote national integration. This is the first time we are taking initiative that vote is necessary for everyone. This is just the beginning; we will take more steps in the future to ensure that all the brothers and sisters from northeastern region also get the same opportunity and facility as the rest of the people in Delhi get,” said Dev.

Abyankar said: “We want to make our voter’s role inclusive and healthy and we found that there are lots of our brothers and sisters from Northeast who are residing in Delhi so we thought that we should reach out to them and encourage them in taking part of the coming election.”

The event was organized by the Delhi Government in collaboration with DoNER Ministry. At the event, a photo gallery was also set up.

Many children and youth took part in painting to encourage more people to vote.

“This time I think Northeast student has come forward to register themselves and around 6000 has been registered. We hope that by voting our government, politicians will take more serious about our issue,” said Maivio, President, NSUD.

The Tetseo Sisters from Nagaland also performed a folk song. Later, Blending Chords enthralled the audience. Through their song they sent out a message of love, peace and unity.

“We should talk about the national integration instead of racism so it’s a wonderful event that we came together here and talk about something which is important,” said Mercy of Tetseo Sisters.

Such events not only promote the culture of the Northeast but also raise awareness about the importance voting among the people of the country. By Themthingchon Yr (ANI)