David Haye at wit’s end over Pires, Anelka ‘squaring up’ on him

London, Apr. 28: Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye is at his wit’s end to figure out why footballers want to have a bout with him.

The boxer posted a tweet on Twitter after Arsenal duo Robert Pires and Nicolas Anelka reportedly squared up on Haye during a night out in Dubai.

According to Metro.co.uk, Haye had to be at his intimidating best to prevent a bout on the street, but luckily the trio put their hard-man stares aside and decided to have a good bite together in the United Arab Emirates capital.

Haye tweeted that he bumped into Pires, accompanied by Anelka, and he proper squared up to him, adding that the footballer is lucky that the boxer is injured.

Haye also tweeted that what is it with the footballers wanting to fight him, but added that they settled their differences and went for an amazing meal.

Haye further tweeted that he had a great night with the two ‘legends’. (ANI)