The day Arnold Palmer ‘pooped’ on green!

Sydney, Apr 11: South African golfing legend Gary Player has claimed that his friend and rival Arnold Palmer had once ‘pooped’ on the green while both were playing in Japan.

The three-time Masters champion revealed the piece of interesting information during an interview on the Golf Channel, causing some uproar as the channel is family-oriented while the Masters itself is the tournament that presents a pristine golf course.

According to, recalling the day, the 78-year-old Player said that on that day, both he and Palmer were playing while being surrounded by large crowds, when suddenly Palmer had the sudden ‘accident’.

After Palmer left the green, Player said that he started laughing following which the Japanese referee thought that he (Player) got his stomach upset and warned him, saying ‘no poop on green’ and although Player insisted that it was Palmer, the referee refused to believe him. (ANI)