How Delhi voted in Lok Sabha polls

Delhi Thursday recorded over 64.77 percent voter turnout – the highest in three decades – in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

Here is a look at how Delhi voted over the years in Lok Sabha elections (from the highest turnout to the lowest).

In the 1977 general election, held after the lifting of the infamous Emergency, Delhi recorded 71.31 percent turnout.

Before that, the highest recorded turnout was in 1967 – 69.49 percent, while in 1962, Delhi recorded 68.75 percent.

The 1971 general elections saw a voter turnout of 65.19 percent.

In the elections held in 1980, the capital recorded 64.89 percent voting.

The 1984 general elections, held after the assassination of then prime minister Indira Gandhi, saw 64.48 percent voting.

Before that, in 1951 and 1957, the national capital recorded 57.92 percent and 57.29 percent respectively.

The percentage was 54.30 in the 1989 general elections, 51.85 percent in 2009, 51.29 percent in 1998, while the voting percentage in 1996 was 50.62.

In the other elections, Delhi registered turnouts below 50 percent – 48.52 percent in 1991 and 47.09 percent in 2004.

The lowest was 43.54 percent in the mid-term elections in 1999.

(The figures have been taken from the Election Commission’s archives)