‘Detained’ Virgin Australia passenger says ‘panic attack’ caused hijack scare

Sydney, Apr 28: The man, who was detained for causing mid-flight hijack scare on board a Virgin flight from Brisbane to Bali, has reportedly said that he banged on the cockpit door following a panic attack, which resulted in a “huge misunderstanding”.

Matt Lockley was all praise for the Indonesian authorities who arrested him at gunpoint in dramatic scenes on Friday afternoon but who have said he will not be charged with any offence and that he will be sent back to Australia, News.au reports.

Matt Lockley said at Bali’s police headquarters that it was a huge misunderstanding adding he had a panic attack and just wanted to use the toilet following which he knocked on the cockpit door.

He appreciated the Indonesian police saying that they were only following procedure and they provided him with a lot of care and support.

Meanwhile, Indonesian civil aviation authorities said that Matt Christopher Lockley will not face Indonesian charges and he is now being handled by the Australian Consulate, the report adds. (ANI)