Now, device that lets you play with your pet cats via remote control

Washington, Apr.25: Kittyo, a high tech device created by Lee Miller allows cat owners to play with their at-home cat via remote control when they are away.

Once the Kittyo owner has downloaded a free app, connected to wifi and set a password, he or she can operate Kittyo via any Android- or iOS-enabled smartphone.

Kittyo’s press release stated that the lives of cat parents, who miss communicating with their cats while away from their home, will forever be changed in 2014.

Miller said that he thought that this was something that could be controlled through an iPhone, ABC News reported.

Website after giving the device a sniff-test, exclaimed that there was an app for that just got a little more awesome if one was a kitty.

Kittyo’s whose slogan is “Where ‘wow!’ meets ‘meow’” is a device where one can send the laser beam skittering around the floor and can watch in real time on your smartphone’s video and one can also take pictures of the kitty’s antics and send them to friends. (ANI)