Dreaded cannibal brothers back in Pakistan jail

London, April 17: Two notorious brothers in Pakistan who were arrested in 2011 on charges of digging up about 100 graves, stealing the bodies and eating them were released after two years in imprisonment. They have been held again.

According to police, Mohammad Arif and Farman Aliwere may be back to their old practice of digging graves, stealing bodies and eating flesh.

“We got news that they are up to their old ways,” chief constable Zafar Iqbal from Bhakkar district in Punjab province was quoted as saying in NBC News.

In jail, the brothers have refused to eat prison food.

“Neither one of them wanted to eat anything we offered,” Mukhtar Hussain of the Bhakkar police department was quoted as saying.

Police raided the home of the notorious pair this week where authorities found the severed head of a young boy.

In 2013, local residents held a strong protest against their release, media reports said.

They spent most of their sentence in King Edward Medical University in Lahore.

Pakistan has no specific laws against cannibalism.