Drunk man climbs high voltage tower in Jharkhand

Ranchi (Jharkhand), Apr. 23: A drunk man put his life at risk as he climbed a high voltage electric tower in Bundu town near Ranchi.

Residents from the area and a few policemen from the nearest police station gathered around the tower failed to convince the man to climb down despite repeated appeals.

“This man is on the tower since last night and he has some demands which he is unable to mention clearly. A crowd of spectators has gathered here since then. Men from the administration have also come here but the man is only talking about his wife and children and is not mentioning anything clearly,” said a resident, Kavi Nayak.

Nayak also added that only a few policemen from the area’s nearest police station have reached the spot but none of the higher authorities have as yet arrived.

The wires connected to the tower are charged with a power as high as 133 voltage which comes as a huge risk to the man’s life. (ANI)