Economy’s growth prospects will depend on new govt. policies: Montek Singh Ahluwalia

New Delhi, Apr.30: Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia on Wednesday said the growth prospects of the country will be decided according to the policies of the next government that would be formed after the ongoing general elections.

“Everybody expects that the Indian economy will do better but that depends on the new commission to look at the past and in the light of policies, what is going to be growth for the current year,” said Ahluwalia.

Ahluwalia was addressing the mediapersons after his meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in which the priority points for the growth of economy were decided which would be the guideline to the new commission that will be formed with the formation of new government.

The meeting was held to use members’ knowledge of economic affairs in different sectors and put across the message about the state of economy to the new government.

The meeting was headed by Manmohan Singh, the Chairman of the planning commission, where he and other members including Ahluwalia discussed issues related to mid-term appraisal of the 12th plan which is likely to be delayed due to ongoing polls.

He also said that some points that would form the guideline for new commission but should be revised through public debate.

“I listed about 17 items which were different from the past, so the notion that we are simply doing the same thing I would say is not true. Now whether they are the right things to do, whether we should do something different is for the new commission to look at. There should be a public debate on it,” said Ahluwalia.

Planning Commission’s deputy chairman also advocated the role of new commission to be formed with the growth of economy.

The term of the members of the Planning Commission of India is co-terminus with the Prime Minister. Thus, they would be submitting their resignations once the new government is formed (ANI)