Egypt court bans Muslim Brotherhood members from running in polls

Johannesburg, Apr 16: An Egypt court has reportedly banned members of “terror outfit” Muslim Brotherhood from running in polls.

A court in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria ordered authorities to bar any candidacies from Brotherhood members or former members in presidential and parliamentary elections, News 24 reported.

The ruling came after a petition was filed by an anti-Brotherhood group seeking the ban.

Tareq Mahmoud, a lawyer from the group said that it is illogical to receive such candidacies after the government designated the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Mahmoud said that anti-Brotherhood group submitted videos, photos and documents showing terrorist acts carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is why it is illogical that they lead the country or represent its people in elections.

In December, the authorities blacklisted the Muslim Brotherhood as a “terrorist group” after blaming it for a deadly bombing north of Cairo, the report added. (ANI)