Envoy calls for resumption of Indo-Pak dialogue

New Delhi, Apr. 24: Addressing a group of women journalists from the Indian Women Press Corps (IWPC), Pakistan High Commissioner Abdul Basit pitched for the resumption of the dialogue process.

Basit stressed that he had come with a mandate from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and that there is a national consensus in Pakistan for improving bilateral relations between the two nations.

Basit also said that Pakistan’s Government is committed to changing the bilateral narrative of conflict into that of cooperation and mutual trust.

“Terrorism is our common enemy. As we need to deal with issues like Jammu and Kashmir, waters, Siachen, we also need to join hands to address the menace of terrorism and extremism,” said Basit.

Basit also expressed disappointment over the fact that Pakistan players are not being able to play in Indian Premier League (IPL) and referred to it as an example of severeity in ties between the two countries that needs to be addressed.

“There is so much negativity into our bilateral relationships that even our cricket players like Shahid Afridi cannot play in IPL. How disappointing is that. IPL would have cricketers from all over the world but from Pakistan. I am not complaining but I am trying to underscore the factual position on the ground that how serious is the situation,” he said.

Pakistan High Commissioner also added that Pakistan is percieved as most dangerous country but it is rather the most misunderstood nation.

“Our region South Asia has not been able to tap possibilities of globalisation, our region has not been able to create interdependencies and benefit from the opportunities which are available. And you will agree with me that this is primarily for the reason that Pakistan and India do not get well along with each other,” added Basit.

The Pakistan envoy said Islamabad is looking forward to the formation of a new government in India and hoped that engagement between both nations would be mutually beneficial. (ANI)