Ex-Malaysian PM accuses Boeing for MH370 exodus

KualaLumpur, Apr 28: Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has questioned the disappearance of flight MH370 into the Southern Indian Ocean and has blamed Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer.

Mahathir, 88, who retained the Prime Ministerial position for 22 years since 1981, has accused Chicago-based multinational company Boeing regarding the disappearance of the aircraft, suggesting reason that the passengers and crew were ‘somehow incapacitated’.

He further questioned the technicalities of the Boeing 777 and said that the company must invoke all probable ways for its communication system to be disabled in the aircraft and have an alternative solution.

According to Australian Breaking News, the former PM also challenged the plane’s disappearance into the sea and the inability of technology to find the plane. He said that with the usage of mobile phone and spy satellites, Boeing must provide an answer to the exodus of the aircraft.

Mahathir’s statements were first published in his blog and would trigger scepticism among Malaysians as Australian-led hunt has failed in its incessant attempts to find any trace of the plane. He further expressed his grief over angry Chinese relatives keeping Malaysian Airlines staff as hostage and said that they were holding the wrong people accountable. (ANI)