Ex-Moyes protegee says Scot never had ‘any chance’ at Man U due to players’ lack of support

London, Apr. 27: British footballer Sean Gregan has said that sacked David Moyes never had a chance at Manchester United because the club players did not back him as their manager.

The Darlington player, who played under Moyes as captain for four hugely successful years at Preston West End, said that the Scot did not have a chance at United because the players at the club probably looked at him and thought that they are not ‘having this guy’.

Gregan said that Moyes went to United having not won any major trophies as a manager and the players their might have contemplated that how could the Scot improve them, the Daily Star reported.

The former West Albion Bromwich footballer said that at Preston Moyes had been great at getting 20 percent extra out of his players because they were not top players, but when the players have already ‘finished article’, it becomes harder.

Gregan said that he has played hundreds of games at every level and has been in plenty of dressing rooms where the players have turned against the manager, adding that usually when this happens, the players get their own way and it is the manager who is out.

However, the Darlington player-coach feels that the United players have let Moyes, who had been his coach at Preston, down, and said that if the club had given the Scot time to build his own team, then he feels that one would have seen a very different club, attacking it hard next season. (ANI)