Father of Williams sisters rules out return to ‘boycotted’ Indian Wells in new book

Johannesburg, May 1: The father of American superstars Serena and Venus Williams has said that he would not ever return to the Indian Wells tournament, which Serena has skipped since 2001, as he and his family were subjected to boos and racial epithets, according to his new book.

Williams, who has penned the 292-page ‘Black and White: The Way I See It’ with author Bart Davis, reveals how Indian Wells, in his words, ‘disgraced America’ in his book, which reads as part autobiography, part parenting guide, part self-help book and part tennis instructional manual.

According to Sport24, Williams said that although he would never go back to the California tournament, it is however, upto his daughter Serena whether she wants to play at the tournament again and added that she was taught to make ‘terrific’ decisions.

The report mentioned that Serena was on the entry list for the event this year but withdrew, citing a back injury.

The book covers plenty of other ground, although there is not much that is revelatory about the professional tennis careers of his daughters, Serena and Venus, and the report also added that the book is dedicated to his mother, and much of the early chapters concerns lessons she imparted to him and her influence on his life – and, by extension, his children’s lives.

There are meditations on the American dream, ambition – and, above all, racism, which is the prism through which he learned to see the world and, as he repeatedly hammers home, still does to this day.

There are tales upon tales of run-ins with the police and confrontations with strangers, often ending in violence, the report added. (ANI)