‘Frustrated’ Rodgers says ‘time-wasting’ Chelsea ‘parked two busses’ post Liverpool’s 2-0 loss

London, Apr. 28: Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has said that Chelsea probably parked two buses instead of one and could not hide his contempt over their rival’s time-wasting methods after the hosts lost to Jose Mourinho’s side during their Premier League clash on Sunday.

Rodgers, whose side lost 2-0 to Chelsea in a home game, said that Mourinho is happy to work and play by using the time-wasting tactics and say that it works, but added that it is not his way of working as he allows his Liverpool squad to take the initiative in games and let his players express themselves.

Rodgers said that his men tried everything they could but lost the match because their game is based on being ‘offensively creative’ instead of ‘stopping’, The Guardian reported.

Chelsea, who loosened Liverpool’s grasp on a first league championship since 1990 by defeating Rodgers’ men, reportedly resorted to ‘stopping’ and time-wasting tactics, which Rodgers insisted that his team would never do so under his management.

However, Rodgers said that their loss to Mourinho’s squad would prepare them for their upcoming clash against Crystal Palace.

The Northern Irishman said that he cannot fault his players for the defeat, as they just could not find the breakthrough, adding that Chelsea is to be credited for that because they sat in really deep and probably had two busses parked instead of one.

Rodgers, who had been more upset at how referee Martin Atkinson dealt with obvious time-wasting by the visitors, said that Chelsea might have got a booking for time-wasting in the 92nd minute but one could see from the first whistle that the plan was to frustrate.

Despite the loss, Rodgers said that he is very proud of his squad, adding that there is still a way to go all the way to Premier League glory as they sit at the top of the table with a two-point margin over Chelsea and two games in hand, the report added. (ANI)