Golf fan bets 1000 pounds on McIlroy winning Masters after seeing face in Danish pastry

London, Apr 10: A golf fan has reportedly bet 1000 pounds on Northern Irish ace Rory McIlroy winning the US Masters after allegedly seeing the golfer’s face in a Danish pastry.

College lecturer Rob Price, who picked up the buttery treat from his local bakery in Andover, took it as a ‘sign’ that the golfer’s face appeared in a pastry from his girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki’s home country, to back the Irishman at the golfing tournament.

According to the Daily Star, a spokesman from online betting exchange Betfair said that although Price has chosen an odd way of putting his bet, he has a fair chance with Tiger Woods dropping out of the tournament and the rest of the world’s golfers having a mixed season.

The report mentioned that McIlroy is considered a favourite to win the tournament at the Augusta National. (ANI)