Grant Hackett ‘proud’ for having courage to seek treatment for drug addiction

Sydney, Apr 2: Former Australian swimmer Grant Hackett has said that he feels proud that he had the courage to seek treatment for a sleeping pill addiction.

The triple gold medallist had checked himself into a US rehabilitation centre five weeks ago, where he had been battling a dependency on the controversial Stilnox medication.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Hackett, who has now checked himself out of rehab, has revealed that he got into a situation where he was not coping too well and needed to ask for help, adding that he feels proud that he had the courage and strength to do that as he wants a happy life ahead of him.

The report mentioned that Hackett made headlines on February 22 after being photographed partially nude in the early hours of the morning at Melbourne’s Crown hotel, searching for his four-year-old son. (ANI)