Now, make graphene using kitchen blender

London, April 23: A new study has revealed that graphene can be made using kitchen blender, which will help in the cheap mass production of the miracle material.

The scientists at Trinity College in Dublin mixed graphite powder, washing-up liquid and water together blitzed it in a high-power blender for up to half an hour at a time, the Independent reported.

The researchers have revealed that the resulting black goop contained large micrometre-sized flakes of graphene suspended in the water.

However, the end product is not as high quality as that produced by the labs that grow the material from vapour atom by atom, but the scientists have claimed that process could still be fantastically useful.

The study claimed that the resultant graphene flakes suited for an array of applications in everything from manufacturing faster electronics to water bottles that use less plastic and have a longer shelf life.

Jonathan Coleman, lead researcher, said that determining exactly the right balance of detergent and graphene requires the use of a lab-grade spectrometer and that subsequently separating out the material from the solution is even more difficult.

The study was published in the journal Natural Materials. (ANI)