Grateful to SC for giving us our due: LGBT activist Lakshmi

New Delhi, Apr.15: LGBT activist and petitioner, Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi on Tuesday expressed her gratefulness to the Supreme Court’s decision to bestow the third gender tag on the transgender community.

Smiling before a packed media, Lakshmi who is a petitioner herself said: “April 15 has always been auspicious for the country, and when I entered the courtroom, I had the same feeling which touched me. The judgement given by Justice Radhakrishnan and Justice Sikri has given us a human right that a nation development index can be determined based on how it stands on its human rights. I am grateful to the apex court and to the two justices who have given this landmark judgement in our favour which will give us the right to education, employment and encompassing every aspect of life. Today, I feel that we have finally got our much needed right.”
he Supreme Court on Tuesday in a landmark judgement recognised the transgenders as third gender in this country. This decision of the apex court makes India to become the first country to give transgenders the third category of sex. (ANI)