High voter turnout shows people’s desire for change: Modi

New Delhi, April 11: High voter turnout in the third phase of general election Thursday shows the people’s unhappiness with the resent government and their desire for change, BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said Friday.

Using 3D holographic projection technology, Modi addressed 3D rallies at over 100 locations in more than 20 states simultaneously all over India. The rallies were earlier scheduled to take place April 7 but were cancelled following technical issues.

“The last 60 years have ruined the country and the people have been betrayed. People are fed up of the present rule and desire change. They are no longer interested in caste or religion based politics, they want good governance and development,” he said.

“The high voter turnout in the third phase of polling yesterday is a proof that people want change,” he added.

Referring particularly to the young, first time voters, Modi said that he was happy to see the plethora of posts and pictures put up enthusiastic voters who had practiced their franchise for the first time.

Some 120 million people Thursday voted in 14 states and union territories to pick 91 of the 543 MPs. The overall voting percentage was almost 63 and in most states, voting percentage went up from the 2009 level.

Modi spoke on a range of topics including education, health care, waste management, tourism, technological advancements etc. and said that India was lucky to have the 3D’s of demographic dividend, democracy and demand.

“We will ensure qualitative education for the poor and middle class of the country. A student of a government school should be able to compete with his counterpart from a private school,” he said.

Modi also promised proper health and preventive health care facilities and said that poorest of the poor will get proper medical care.

“We will set up 500 preventive health care centres in 500 cities,” he said.