Hillary Clinton wants ‘older women’ in politics

Washington, April 24: Hillary Clinton believes that there are older women who could make a difference including in politics, it has been revealed.

According to a UK publication, the 66-year-old former secretary of state said during Simmons Leadership Conference that there’s a huge group of older women who could make a difference to America’s corporations, businesses, academia, politics, Politico reported.

Clinton, who delivered the conference’s keynote address, said that currently, there are only 18 percent of women in the House of Representatives and 20 percent in the Senate, and women who left their jobs to raise families at early age still have great potential and need to be given a way back into workforce.

Women are eager to work at later age as they feel they’ve fulfilled their responsibilities with their family and it’s time for them to show what they can do, unlike men, who are exhausted and just to retire, she added. (ANI)