Home admin jobs take up to three hours per week

London, Apr.29: People who hate home admin jobs take up three hours each week for tasks such as paying credit card bills, switching utility companies and filing tax returns, a new study has revealed.

The survey found that MOTing the car was the most disliked chore, followed by renewing passports and sorting out home insurance and as many as 39 percent admitted that they missed important deadlines, the Daily Express reported.

Swinton’s Steve Griffiths said that they lead such busy lives that it could be a struggle to keep on top of everything and owning a house and car alone did result in lots of required correspondence.

Griffiths asserted that additional struggles included children, pets, schools, house repairs and doctors’ appointments.

The Swinton Insurance poll of 2,000 adults showed that more than a third put off jobs due to lack of time while 50 percent could not face dealing with call centres. (ANI)