Incessant rains delays construction of Kashmir college

Srinagar, Apr. 18: Incessant rains have delayed the construction of a degree college in Budgam District in Jammu and Kashmir.

The college building is under construction in the Charar-e-Sharief region, which is 45-kilometres away from Srinagar.

Residents said they were disappointed with the delay as the college can prove beneficial for many students.

We want the work to be completed as soon as possible so that students can take admission here. The students will benefit on a large scale if the construction of the college is completed as early as possible,” said a resident, Tariq Ahmad.

Junior engineer of roads and buildings, Jameel Rashid, said the construction has been hit since March due to inclement weather.

“The weather is not favourable for carrying out the construction work. Whenever we begin with construction work, it starts raining. So, in the month of March-April, the work remained slow,” said Rashid.

After intense protests from the residents of the area over unavailability of a degree college, the state government had undertaken the construction and sanctioned around rupees 160 million for the same. (ANI)