Indian-origin doctor cleared of sexual assault in Britain

London, April 1: An Indian-origin doctor in Britain, accused of sexual assault by a male patient, was Tuesday cleared of the charge by a tribunal in Manchester, a daily reported.

Manav Arora, a doctor in the University Hospital of North Tees in Durham county, had been accused of sexually assaulting the father of two in 2010 when he was drifting in and out of consciousness as he laid on hospital bed, Evening Gazette reported.

The man, a drug addict, told the police that the doctor performed a sex act on him in the accident and emergency department of the hospital during the course of consultation.

Arora, however, told the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service that the consultation was “unremarkable”, a medical term used to describe ordinary condition.

The doctor added that the man had become agitated on being told to stay in hospital.

The tribunal was also told that the patient left hospital with a drip still in his arm.

The man reported the incident to the Cleveland Police after three months, but police took no action on the allegations.

The patient was re-admitted to hospital two days later.

The tribunal was of the view that there was an “inherent implausibility” in the allegations and it found the doctor’s account as more likely.